JR Regulations

    1. Must be 15 years or younger by the tournament date. All players must show ID (US govt. issued ID or Passport only) if requested.
    2. Each team must represent their own club/academy and a coach/team captain/player may only represent/play for one team.
    3. Each Division has a maximum of 4 players for each age level. Available levels and events are 9U, 11U, 13U & 15U, and BS, BD, GS, GD & XD.
    4. Each player may enter maximum of 2 events only. Player is prohibited to play at an event for different gender, except XD or by the tournament organizer discretion.
    5. The 2 events must be in the same Division. Cross between 2 Divisions is not allowed.
    6. Players are allowed to cross-up age levels if they play 1 single event and 1 doubles event. 2 singles or 2 doubles events with the same or different partner at 2 different age levels are not allowed.
    7. Player who has 2 or less non-sanctioned tournament experience by the tournament registration deadline may register for the Division 3.
    8. Player who has 4 or less ANY tournament experience (include only 1 OLC or CRC)* by the tournament registration deadline may register for the Division 2.
    9. Player who has 5 or more ANY tournament experience (include max 3 any combination of OLC and/or CRC)* by the tournament registration deadline may register for the Division 1.
    10. Player who participated at Junior Regional (ORC), Super, National, or International Tournament is not allowed to enter Division 1, 2 or 3.
    11. We reserved the right to disqualify player if they violated any of the registration rules. Disqualified player will not receive any refund.
    12. We reserved the right to cancel or combine any event if the minimum number of 3 entries per event is not met.
    13. Main Draw/Round Robin match is best 2 out of 3 games. A game has 21 points BWF rally scoring system. A deuce in a game is when each side has 20 points each. A win in a deuce situation is when one side led by 2 points or reached the 30 points first.
    14. Consolation Draw match is best 2 out of 3 games. A consolation game has 11 points BWF rally scoring system with no deuce.
    15. A 2 minutes warm-up is allowed before the start of the first game on each match. 1 minute interval is allowed on the 11th point of each 21 points game. 1 minute interval is allowed in between game 1 and 2. Players must switch end after each game. If game 3 is necessary, a 2 minutes interval is allowed before game 3 start and players must also switch end at the 11th point (1 minute) interval.
    16. No line judges will be provided for any events. Line judging/calling is an umpire responsibility and their decision is final. Coach, parent or spectator may not assist players by calling or signaling “in” or “out” prior to the shuttlecock hit the ground. If there is a dispute, tournament organizer may exercise a let call.
    17. Player will be defaulted from a match if he/she is not available within 10 minutes from the time the match is announced, regardless if the tournament is on time or running behind the published schedule. Player will not be defaulted if he/she is being called earlier than the published tournament schedule.
    18. Each player is responsible for his/her own health/accidental insurance in case of injury/emergency during the tournament/event.
    19. Only 2 shuttlecocks will be given per match. If more shuttlecock is required to finish a match, each player must supply 1 shuttlecock.
    20. Division 1 & 2 players who won 1st place on the main draw have potential $50.00/player monetary awards which MUST be deposited under the player’s qualified Educational Saving Account (ESA). Refusal to open or show a proof of an existing ESA will forfeit the right to claim the award. There will be no substitution for cash or any type of personal account deposit. Award must be claimed within 30 days from the tournament date or it will be considered as abandoned. Please be advised! Most ESA is a type of investment fund account. Please invest wisely and at your own risk. Please ask your own financial advisor for more details as there is a possibility of loss and no investment guarantee. Please see our FAQ section for list of Qualified ESA. No ESA prize money for Division 3.
    21. Winning Team will be determined by the total number of points collected by the team players who won the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place from Divisions 1, 2 & 3 main draws. All 9U Division 3 points will be reserved as tie breaker.
    22. Winning Points: 1st place = 6 points, 2nd place = 4 points, and 3rd place = 2 points.
    23. Each player from a doubles pair will earn half of the winning point (ex: 2 players from team A or 2 players from team A1 & team A2). If the doubles pair is made up of 2 players from the 2 different teams (ex: team A and team B) then each player will earn the whole winning point for their teams.
    24. Winning Team will have their team name engraved on the LFB JR Series trophy and receive $500.00 team development fund.
    25. Coach/Team captain must present during the tournament and must remain present until the conclusion of the tournament. Coach/Team captain must be 18 yrs or older.
    26. Player must check-in at the tournament table at least 30 minutes prior player’s first match and parent or guardian must sign the liability release during check-in.
    27. All fees/dues must be paid when submitting the registration form. Returned check fee is $25/attempt.
    28. Full refund will be given if player withdraw before the tournament draw is published. No refund after the tournament draw is published. Tournament draw will be available online 3 days before the tournament day.
    29. Players substitution after the tournament draw must be approved by tournament organizer and additional registration fee must be paid at the tournament day.
    30. Privacy statement: We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the security of your personal information. Rest assured that we will not share your personal information to anyone. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect your personal information.
    31. All players must comply with U.S. Anti Doping Agency. Violation will result in disqualification or reversal.

* Both sanctioned and non-sanctioned base on published data at TournamentSoftware, SimplyCompete, LFBtournament, or other websites.


JR Frequently Asked Questions

Who can form a JR (junior) team?
A club or an organization who practice/function as a junior training center. It is not for any individual who can gather x number of players and form a made up team.

What is the minimum number of players to form a team? What if I don’t have the minimum requirement?
We only require 4 players to form a team. If you don’t have 4, then you have to join other established team.

Instead of joining other team, can I borrow other team players to play for my team?
The answer is depending on the team captain/coach of the team you will borrow the player/s from and also the parents’ consent. However, please restraint from borrowing players if possible because this may create unnecessary conflict later.

Which Division first place winner can collect the $50.00 Education Saving Account prize money?
Only Divison 1 & Division 2 first place winners.

Why the prize money for the first place winner must be directly deposited to the Education Saving Account?
Because Education is our core belief in our junior players and we want to support them. Ultimately one day we hope to be able to provide somekind of scholarship for those who qualify.

What are the qualified Education Saving Accounts?
We approved 529 plan, Coverdell education savings accounts, Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) accounts and Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) accounts. Please ask your Financial Advisor about which plan is best for you.

My son/daughter won 1st place, but he/she doesn’t have Educational Saving Account yet?
Tournament organizer will give you 30 days from the tournament date to open up an account. Please ask your Financial Advisor about which plan is best for you.

Which Division should my son/daughter enter?
The purpose we created 3 divisions, 1, 2 and 3, is to separate the more experience players from the ones who just started to train. We want to make sure that our tournament will encourage them to train even harder, not being humiliated by a devastating defeat.
A Division 1 player is someone who already participated at 5 or more sanctioned or non-sanctioned tournaments. However they cannot have more than 3 any combination of OLC and/or CRC tournaments.
A Division 2 player is someone who has 4 or less sanctioned or non-sactioned tournaments. Of the 4 tournaments, 1 of them can be either OLC or CRC tournament.
A Division 3 player is someone who has 2 or less non-sactioned tournaments only. Must not included any OLC or CRC tournaments experience.
Player who participated at Junior Regional (ORC), Super, National, or International Tournament is not allowed to enter Division 1, 2 or 3.

What is OLC, ORC, and CRC?
They are all USA Badminton junior sanctioned tournament
OLC = Open Local Championship
ORC = Open Regional Championship
CRC = Closed Regional Championship

Will LFB check how many tournament experience a player has?
The answer is Yes. We will count any tournaments that we can find at either Tournamentsoftware, Simply Compete, LFB website, and any other websites.

How do the team point being counted?
We count all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners on all Divisions main draw, except 9U Division 3 will be reserved as tie breaker. First place is 6 points, second place is 4 points, and third place is 2 points. Each player on a doubles pair will earn half of the winning point. The only exception is for a doubles pair that made up of players from 2 different teams (ex: team A & team B. Not team A1 & A2) which in this case each team will earn full winning point. The team with the most point win the LFB JR Trophy and $500.00 team development fund.

How do LFB determine the types of draw?
Round Robin if there are 3 to 4 entries (event will be cancelled if less than )
Full Feed Double Elimination up to Semi Final if there are 5 to 8 entries (Consolation Draw will be for the 3rd place)
1st Match Double Elimination if more than 9 entries (in general no future match after the 2nd lost, except at the Semi Final round, they will play for 3rd place)

More FAQ coming soon …